Public transport can be one of the most soulless, unsociable experiences of your day. Blame free commuter newspapers, blame Steve Jobs and his white earbud devices, blame 4G technology… whatever you wanna peg it on, the fact of the matter is is that people simply don’t talk to each other anymore. Idle chit chat with strangers in public places is rare, and particularly noticeable the younger you are.

HOWEVER… insert a cute dog into the equation and evvvvvverything changes. People smile. People ask questions. People tell stories about their little beast awaiting them at home… people can relate. It’s nice. And we think you should try it. Dogs On Trains is a HOUNDWORTHY favourite and proof that people accompanied by commuting canines make friends easily. Informal pics of four-legged passengers making other two-legged passengers happier? What’s not to love!

Want to get your rail-riding hound considered for their Tumblr? Start by hash-tagging your pics with #dogsontrains. Or tweet them to @dogsontrains directly. Like this. Oh and one thing we’ve found perfect for keeping you-know-who hydrated on longer journeys is this… a stylish little folding canvas water bowl from Billy Wolf. It really is quite useful. Happy travels!