We’re definitely not your average dog lifestyle company. So it stands to reason that we’re constantly on the hunt for dog-friendly pubs that are anything but average. This absolute beaut out near Chew Magna lake, just south of Bristol is a real gem of a find. The Ring O’ Bells in Compton Martin is what we call a proper country pub… with a great backstory.





Not many rural pubs (this one is a on a hillside in a gorgeous valley overlooking a lake) can boast the following claim to fame: Where else can one have a meal at the very same table that Kylie Minogue has been photographed winding and grinding atop, or sat in a quiet corner nook where Lily Allen or the dude that is Mr. Glastonbury (Michael Eavis) tucked into their Sunday lunch. Or where Coldplay has gigged… just for the heck of it. This one can.



The point is, this lovely little find in the middle of nowhere is a fantastic country bolthole where you get dine in good company, and if you’re really lucky, drink real ale rubbing shoulders with proper beardies… and possibly pop royalty! WITH. YOUR. FREAKIN’. DOG. We love it.


If you’re ever in this part of England and manage to find this great dog-friendly pub near Bristol, you might want to double check if your dog thinks taxidermy is alive. Tucker wouldn’t stop growling at “Moonshine” the giant stuffed, bespectacled ox head mounted over the fireplace. Silly little dude seriously thought it was real and comin’ to get him. Ridic.



We’d also suggest perhaps bringing one of these… that beautiful dark flagstone floor can be chilly in the cooler months. Available at www.houndworthy.com.

The Ring O’ Bells, Compton Martin, Bristol BS40 6JE