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Always nice to see one of our faves make it into a top ten list… and in this case, the top of the top ten! The Independent recently published this review of their top choices for tough dog toys and our ever-popular Bumi tug toy (pictured) won Best Buy overall. Not too shabby. For those unaware of the Bumi, it’s made by a company in the US called West Paw Design, who not only create wickedly fun toss toys for dogs, but they also offer a unique one time replacement deal if your mutt happens to decimate the thing within hours of receiving it. Of course we’re not suggesting this as a challenge, as the point of these toys is not as a chew toy, but an interactive fetch toy to be played WITH (that means with your dog – not just chucked into a room with them and then forgotten about!), but we are impressed at the company’s belief in their own product. In two years of selling the Bumi, we’ve not yet actually had one come back. Order one here… and then decide for yourself.