Put An Extra Special Christmas Cracker Under The Table This Year… Down At Mutt Level


The history of the traditional Christmas Cracker begins back in Victorian times, during the 1850s when a London confectioner named Tom Smith started adding a little motto in each parcel of his sugared almond bonbons. These were sold wrapped in twisted paper packages. 

One evening he was sitting by the fire and found inspiration from the crackling hiss & pop of the burning log – he rather liked the surprise of the random pops and bangs that emanated from the fireplace!


He reckoned that this element would add a little extra theatre to his confections, so he began shaping his parcels into cylindrical tubes (akin to a log), and adding a novelty banger that would crack when pulled.

This took off like proverbial wildfire and Londoners went nuts for the new oddly-named “Cosaque” with its festive surprise inside. The public simply called them “crackers”.


By the 1900s the sugared almonds had been replaced by a small gift, and a playful paper party hat was added (by Tom Smith’s son Walter who had taken over the cracker business from his father).


By the 1930s the little poems had been replaced by jokes or limericks and the cracker had been adopted as a traditional festive custom. Nowadays, virtually ever household that celebrates Christmas has a box of crackers to pull at the Christmas meal table.


Today there are crackers of every description available. From pretty Scandinavian woodland inspired versions, to pretty fabric ones and even these jaw-droppingly expensive luxury crackers from Fortnum & Mason, there’s a cracker style and design for all tastes. Well.. almost!


This year we’ve created the HOUNDCRACKER Christmas Cracker For Dogs to continue the great tradition of family celebrations over the holidays. And because we believe dogs are just as much a part of the family as everyone else, we figured they should get something extra special to enjoy too.


If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s got a hound that has been extra “nice” this year, consider the Luxury HOUNDCRACKER which includes something cool for the owner too – a polished HOUNDWORTHY Ox Horn Dog Whistle on a leather lanyard. We think it’s the perfect gender-neutral accessory for one lucky dog walker.

Click the image above to find out what’s inside our unique Christmas crackers for dogs. Or browse our Christmas Fun section for meaningful gift ideas for dog lovers. Fetch something special this Christmas! www.houndworthy.com



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