HOUNDWORTHY YouTube Channel Launches

The 87th Oscars Ceremony took place in Los Angeles last night. So here’s what we did to celebrate great moments in film! That’s right baby, we launched our own HOUNDWORTHY YouTube Channel! Watch the first of what we hope to be many entertaining and informative films about life with dogs and why we think they’re the most worthwhile things on the planet.

Oh and if you think your dog is worthy of featuring in one of our upcoming productions, get in touch and show us some footage… we’re always up for showcasing our followers’ mutts and seeing the crazy stuff they get up to. Check out our Instagram if you’d like to see some of our customer’s hounds in action. Just search #houndfan or #chasemore.




tree jumpers

Nobody believes you when you tell them your puny little jackapoo can climb trees. When our little dude just randomly started going vertical at every opportunity that came his way… well, jaws dropped. Guess it shouldn’t come as any surprise that dogs, one of the most adaptable and versatile predatory creatures on this Earth are capable of getting up to where their dinner might be hiding. So can dogs climb trees? Yup, they can. Check out this little compilation… kicking  off with Motley, HOUNDWORTHY‘s alpha hound and local park hero.

1) Squirrels… Motley’s earliest efforts

2. Toby the Jack Russell – excellent technique if a bit shakey

3) Crazy Bulldog on Johnny Carson!

4) Fox News figured this was worth a whole segment