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Jo Holdaway has been creating bold and vivid drawings of her favourite things, people and places since she was a child. As this passion developed, she honed her skills and began to create bright and evocative digital illustrations from photographs that transport the viewer to happy places.

As an enthusiastic dog lover and avid photographer – just check out her stunning Instagram feed – Jo was regularly approached to create portraits of canines for private commissions.  She is now excited to expand this premium pet portrait service to HOUNDWORTHY.


“I work from photos and can create tailor made compositions from multiple images – all I need are some good shots of a dog and either some existing images of a landscape or even a crazy idea of the setting you’d like your dog featured in – I can accommodate pretty much any idea!”

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“I love capturing the personality of dogs in my illustrations. For me, their eyes are they key because they are so expressive. Once I feel I’ve got that bit nailed, the rest follows!”


If you’re interested in having Jo create a bespoke pet portrait for your home you can browse her work here, or contact her directly at jo@houndworthy.com to discuss your idea. To see more of Jo’s other commercial illustration visit joholdaway.com.

Or if you know someone that would love this unique HOUNDWORTHY dog portrait service, please forward them this article.



If you like taking pics of your mutt, this one’s for you! Dogs have been a part of British society for as long as British society has existed. In fact, the relationship between humans and companion animals stretches back tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years. Some theorize it was our relationship with the domesticated wolf that was what enabled us to dominate and evolve beyond the competing neanderthals umpteen million years ago.


Last week we received a copy of Pets In Portraits, a book by former National Portrait Gallery Curator Robin Gibson, created in partnership with The National Portrait Gallery in London. This collection of over 80 portraits all featuring animals, tells the remarkable stories of the subjects in each image and gives some insight to the value of the human-pet bond throughout history.


From King Edward VII (pictured above with his terrier Caesar) to John Brown, Queen Victoria’s ghillie and personal servant who was “hated by most of the Royal Family and despised by the court for his courseness and rudeness…” (top image) the book takes you on a visual journey of colourful personalities and the canine companions that were always by their side.


Yes, we know it has two cats on the cover, but don’t let that put you off! The rest of the book is pretty good. From Airedale terriers, to pugs to mastiffs and collies, it’s a fascinating read about the hounds that lived with so many notable characters down through the ages. We are also pretty sure some high quality dog treat action was employed to keep easily distracted dogs still for these sittings. Trust us, we know a thing or two about photographing mental canines.


The book is available through the National Portrait Gallery shop or online at www.npg.org.uk/shop. If you’re chomping at the bit to see some dogs doing dog things, with dog people, portrait style or otherwise… head on over to our Instagram pronto!


Fancy getting involved? The National Portrait Gallery is hosting a competition for contemporary Pets in Portraits. Join in by posting a picture of you and your pet (we recommend a dog!) then tag it @NPGLondon on Twitter or @nationalportraitgallery on Instagram with hashtag #petsinportraits. Shortlisted entrants will be invited to the Gallery to see their pictures displayed at the launch party. Entries close April 8. For more information contact amy@rumourpr.com or visit www.rumourpr.com for details.

Need help with keeping dogs still in front of the camera? We got your back! Browse the HOUNDWORTHY EAT COLLECTION now! Good luck!