MASH FRAMED 1200x1200

Jo Holdaway has been creating bold and vivid drawings of her favourite things, people and places since she was a child. As this passion developed, she honed her skills and began to create bright and evocative digital illustrations from photographs that transport the viewer to happy places.

As an enthusiastic dog lover and avid photographer – just check out her stunning Instagram feed – Jo was regularly approached to create portraits of canines for private commissions.  She is now excited to expand this premium pet portrait service to HOUNDWORTHY.


“I work from photos and can create tailor made compositions from multiple images – all I need are some good shots of a dog and either some existing images of a landscape or even a crazy idea of the setting you’d like your dog featured in – I can accommodate pretty much any idea!”

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“I love capturing the personality of dogs in my illustrations. For me, their eyes are they key because they are so expressive. Once I feel I’ve got that bit nailed, the rest follows!”


If you’re interested in having Jo create a bespoke pet portrait for your home you can browse her work here, or contact her directly at jo@houndworthy.com to discuss your idea. To see more of Jo’s other commercial illustration visit joholdaway.com.

Or if you know someone that would love this unique HOUNDWORTHY dog portrait service, please forward them this article.