The concept of “trending on Twitter” and the sleepy seaside town of “Weston Super Mare” are not typically used in conjunction with one another… but that’s all changed since the world’s favourite anonymous street artist, Banksy, decided to unveil his latest experience on the unsuspecting public. Be warned… if you are planning on attending, the rest of this post is a spoiler. Go away now.


Dismaland is Banksy’s disturbing dystopian nightmare brought to life on the muddy sands of Weston’s beach promenade, opening a week ago in the dilapidated Tropicana Lido, which has sat vacant for the past decade and a half.


If you have no idea what we are talking about, you can watch the rather frightening advert for it here.


Come and enjoy installations by the likes of Damien HirstDavid Shrigley and Jimmy Cauty who have joined around fifty artists in total to create this immersive fairground of societal decay.


The Guardian’s analysis of the world’s least family oriented theme park gives a bit more of a British perspective on the whole dreary affair. Dreary but awesome we mean!


The happiest place on Earth is a mere 400 yards from our front door and the dogs have been entertaining the queue outside waiting for tickets (in the rain, obviously).


You know it’s worth the visit though when Hollywood A-listers including Jack Black and Brad Pitt (featured on the HOUNDWORTHY Instagram feed) have put it in their diaries.


Dismaland is open for business (weather permitting… ha, as if!) until September 27th. You can order your tickets here. Maybe. www.houndworthy.com