HOUNDWORTHY confirms for Eroica Britannia 2015


Exciting news! We’ve confirmed for this year’s Eroica Britannia, a three day vintage cycling festival held annually in The Peak District. Join us in Bakewell, Derbyshire on June 19-21 for a truly exceptional three day extravaganza of handsome fashion, cycling nostalgia, stylish shopping and a jolly good time.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 13.31.56

We posted about this event last year after our first foray left us hungry for more. We think it’s a must for the diary, and here’s why…

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 13.32.14

Over 200 brands will be in attendance (including, ahem, the world’s finest canine outfitter… us!) with vintage food trucks, the Movember team and loads of exceptional apparel and cycling gear specialists showing their wares.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 13.32.40

Culminating in The Ride on Sunday 21st June 2015, 30000+ festival-goers will witness a true British spectacle. The Ride is a unique bike tour, ridden on ancient, ‘bone shaking’ roads using obsolete bikes (pre 1987 only) dressed in traditional and vintage clothing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 13.32.55

Our pop-up shop features a vintage canvas marquee and we’ll be unveiling Philip, our recently restored and sign-written 1969 Morris Minor van. Keep an eye out for it! HOUNDWORTHY will once again be bringing our meticulously curated collection of exceptional canine finery for your perusal.

We can’t wait to see you there! Visit the official Eroica website for more details or to book tickets. Keep an eye on the HOUNDWORTHY Facebook page for news and updates.



If you like taking pics of your mutt, this one’s for you! Dogs have been a part of British society for as long as British society has existed. In fact, the relationship between humans and companion animals stretches back tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years. Some theorize it was our relationship with the domesticated wolf that was what enabled us to dominate and evolve beyond the competing neanderthals umpteen million years ago.


Last week we received a copy of Pets In Portraits, a book by former National Portrait Gallery Curator Robin Gibson, created in partnership with The National Portrait Gallery in London. This collection of over 80 portraits all featuring animals, tells the remarkable stories of the subjects in each image and gives some insight to the value of the human-pet bond throughout history.


From King Edward VII (pictured above with his terrier Caesar) to John Brown, Queen Victoria’s ghillie and personal servant who was “hated by most of the Royal Family and despised by the court for his courseness and rudeness…” (top image) the book takes you on a visual journey of colourful personalities and the canine companions that were always by their side.


Yes, we know it has two cats on the cover, but don’t let that put you off! The rest of the book is pretty good. From Airedale terriers, to pugs to mastiffs and collies, it’s a fascinating read about the hounds that lived with so many notable characters down through the ages. We are also pretty sure some high quality dog treat action was employed to keep easily distracted dogs still for these sittings. Trust us, we know a thing or two about photographing mental canines.


The book is available through the National Portrait Gallery shop or online at www.npg.org.uk/shop. If you’re chomping at the bit to see some dogs doing dog things, with dog people, portrait style or otherwise… head on over to our Instagram pronto!


Fancy getting involved? The National Portrait Gallery is hosting a competition for contemporary Pets in Portraits. Join in by posting a picture of you and your pet (we recommend a dog!) then tag it @NPGLondon on Twitter or @nationalportraitgallery on Instagram with hashtag #petsinportraits. Shortlisted entrants will be invited to the Gallery to see their pictures displayed at the launch party. Entries close April 8. For more information contact amy@rumourpr.com or visit www.rumourpr.com for details.

Need help with keeping dogs still in front of the camera? We got your back! Browse the HOUNDWORTHY EAT COLLECTION now! Good luck!

HOUNDWORTHY YouTube Channel Launches

The 87th Oscars Ceremony took place in Los Angeles last night. So here’s what we did to celebrate great moments in film! That’s right baby, we launched our own HOUNDWORTHY YouTube Channel! Watch the first of what we hope to be many entertaining and informative films about life with dogs and why we think they’re the most worthwhile things on the planet.

Oh and if you think your dog is worthy of featuring in one of our upcoming productions, get in touch and show us some footage… we’re always up for showcasing our followers’ mutts and seeing the crazy stuff they get up to. Check out our Instagram if you’d like to see some of our customer’s hounds in action. Just search #houndfan or #chasemore.





The Goodwood Revival is a three day festival held every September at The Goodwood Circuit, near Chichester, England. And we friggin’ LOVED it. Here’s our little pictorial review…


Utilising a virtually unchanged motor racing track previously used for the British Grand Prix, it celebrates the classic motoring period from 1948-1966.


A beautifully preserved time capsule of the glory days of racing, the entire ground and outbuildings, paddocks, etc are meticulously maintained with historic accuracy. Period typography, colours and detailing is all used to great effect to create a truly immersive vintage racing experience.



Goodwood Revival 2014 attracted an international crowd of 150 000 visitors, with virtually all attendees appearing in vintage period costume. If you love proper vintage styling, you’ll go nuts for this show. And if you like WW2 airplanes, OMG. THIS WAS AMAZING.




HOUNDWORTHY exhibited for the first time this year and our fab pop-up shop in the Over The Road section proved popular. Our superb selection of curated dog toys and stylish dog jackets wowed the very well put together crowd.




Our unique blend of heritage brands and high quality canine accessories was a perfect fit for the happy hordes of shoppers, and we met loads of wonderful dog owners who were both surprised but pleased there was a store (THIS ONE!) at the event that catered for them. And as at other events, we met many of our regular Instagram followers who stopped by just to say hi. Awesome.


HOUNDWORTHY will be back next year (September 11-13, 2015). Same stall near the Doom Bar tent. It sold out last year so if you’re going to do it, get those tickets early. Oh and if you want to see more pics from the event, there are more on our Instagram.

Order tickets here… https://grrc.goodwood.com/section/goodwood-revival/




When one of the best conceived, exquisitely designed and consistently well-executed (and truly) international magazines asks you to provide your goods for a feature, you don’t hesitate. We didn’t! Monocle bills itself as “A briefing on global affairs, business, culture & design” but those who are familiar with Editor in Chief Tyler Brule’s awesome tome to all things worth noticing will simply know it as THE one mag you should pick up next time you’re breezing through any airport.


No other packs in as much high quality content across such a varied spectrum of lifestyle-focused design matters. It’s a great companion for wherever you’re heading. In addition, Monocle also publishes two exceptionally good broadsheet supplements that are essentially newspaper versions of the main monthly title – beautifully titled Alpino and Mediterraneo. We’re really pleased to announce that HOUNDWORTHY is featured in the new Mediterraneo 2014 – EDITS/WHAT TO PACK “Sunshine in a bag” – on page 56.


Our quintessentially British hand-stamped Monogram personalised leather dog collars are the perfect accessory for getting away somewhere nice and sunny, appearing alongside the Randal Folding Canvas Bowl by Billy Wolf (also available through www.houndworthy.com). Visit our site to find out why the team at Monocle’s London bureau loved them.

You can order Mediterraneo here. We suggest you go the whole hog and just get the full subscription anyways. In our opinion it’s money well spent.




This article originally appeared here. Urban Coco Magazine interviews HOUNDWORTHY founders Morgan Cummins & Jo Holdaway for the inside track on what motivates them and their exciting dog lifestyle business.

HOUNDWORTHY is a unique dog lifestyle company with a simple mission: Encourage dog lovers to seek out more meaningful things for both themselves and their canine companions. They aim to inspire, enable and equip a new generation of dog owners to chase down more worthwhile experiences. Evolving with the seasons, they offer a progressive mix of premium outerwear, useful accessories, and well-chosen lifestyle goods for the discerning modern dog owner.


While it may look and feel like one of the most sophisticated dog brands you’ve ever seen, HOUNDWORTHY is actually based on a pretty simple premise – dog people everywhere are part of something special. That’s the idea driving one of the most exciting and interesting pet businesses to burst onto the scene in years. HOUNDWORTHY was founded in 2013 by Morgan Cummins & Jo Holdaway and is a culmination of their combined decade’s worth of experience working for some of the world’s best advertising and design agencies. Conceived while out walking their own four-legged companions, the business champions worthwhile things for people with dogs and delivers it via their beautifully designed websitewww.houndworthy.com.

“We realised that owning a dog is actually one of the truly universal lifestyle pursuits that can be appreciated by dog lovers no matter where they are on this planet. It’s probably the most socially enabling thing you can ever experience. That’s pretty powerful stuff.”

Using their skills behind a lens and a canny eye for sourcing exceptionally stylish, covetable canine gear, they set out to build a company that captures the imagination of the millions of dog owners everywhere. The gorgeous landscapes and often breath-taking natural scenery of England provide the backdrop for a premium dog goods company that is starting to get noticed. Having been featured in magazines such as Elle Decoration, Monocle and Harper’s Bazaar and obviously popular online via the likes of BuzzFeed & Gizmodo, the enthusiastic young brand holds vast global appeal.

“Our customers come from all walks of life. We’ve created collars for leading Hollywood stylists, provided goods for luminaries in the fashion and home décor industries, and everything in between. Orders come in daily from around the world, with happy hound owners discovering a dog brand they can relate to irrespective of where they are. It’s a really nice feeling knowing that you can connect with other dog people who might not even speak the same language, but do speak the same language (dogs!). We love it!”

SSS lifestyle harry irist terrier


Getting noticed by Elle Decoration within 3 months of launching was pretty cool, and having some of the biggest lifestyle bloggers on the planet take note of what we are doing has been hugely satisfying. Developing our brand from scratch and actually living the lifestyle that we sell is something that we work hard to maintain, as we believe that in order to create something people will truly care about you need to make sure it stays real. You need to not just say you’re authentic; you need to embody it. We’re proving you can stay real and still run a successful commercial enterprise. Attracting attention from dog-loving investors has also been pretty cool too.


Not really. Coming from creative backgrounds, you don’t really develop the hardcore business organizational skills that many entrepreneurs have when they set out. You don’t really realize how important a lot of the “dull” stuff is, until you’re neck-deep in it yourself and have an expanding business to run. HOUNDWORTHY was launched with a conviction and self-belief that we could create something others will love, and with huge scope for growth potential. But passion alone can’t build an empire. You need resources and you need great people around you. If we were to do it again, we’d build up a few more of those before we jumped in with both feet!



We genuinely believe we are the most authentic dog lifestyle company around. Everything we sell, say, share and think is done with the sole ambition to enable other hound-appreciating folk to go out and experience more with their dogs. We don’t want people to think of us as merely a dog accessories shop. Our business goal is not to become just that. Instead we want people to come to view us as a trusted voice for the interests of dog owners who appreciate better things. We really do believe HOUNDWORTHY stands for something greater than merely “selling dog stuff” and this is what differentiates us from the rest. Our brand is something you become a part of when you shop with us, and it’s this sense of collective shared experience that we do better than most.


Our own line of HOUNDWORTHY Monogram leather dog collars & leads  are incredibly popular. We’ve sent them to customers on every continent. Our traditional British Navy Rope Dog Leads are also pretty popular.



We are working on developing more of our own label collection, which is something we are asked about regularly. Our current online catalogue spans 150 items including some of the coolest dog toys, jackets, beds and dog walking gear you’ve ever seen. Expect us to continue evolving the HOUNDWORTHY collection and helping discerning dog owners buy better gear. We will also be showcasing our awesome canine finery at selected stylish events, festivals and pop-up locations.


Do a lot of homework as to the opportunity, the idea you’ve got, and really spend a bit of time interrogating whether you yourself have the talent and stamina to deliver it. Find other people who have done what you are seeking to do (or similar) and make friends in high places. Make even more friends in low places. Just make a lot of friends! Talk about your business and believe in it 200%. Enthusiasm and passion really do count and you will attract people who will help you if you send out the right vibes. Be cocky enough to get noticed, but stay genuinely humble when you know it’s time to listen. Don’t bother if you aren’t in it to win it, as they say.




Or just Google HOUNDWORTHY! We are friggin’ everywhere.

Story courtesy of Urban Coco Magazine, originally published July 2014



There’s a fair chance you’ve never heard of Frome (pronounced Froom). And likely even greater odds that you’ve probably never visited it. But you really really should. This ancient market town is situated 13 miles from Bath in the rolling hills of rural Somerset, and is probably one of the prettiest in England. Even more so on the first Sunday of every month when the Frome Independent Market sets up shop and runs from 10am-3pm.


Now this is no ordinary market. Most markets in the UK tend to be rather underwhelming affairs. Not this puppy. With its mixed elevations and narrow, well-kept medieval lanes, the town makes for a perfect location for a relaxing day out. The organisers have really got this one right, and hats off to the local town council for supporting such an ambitious and sophisticated monthly event. Just once every four weeks the entire town centre switches over to full-on pedestrian mode with row upon row of excellently curated stalls spread out in all directions.



From vintage home furnishings, kitchenware to clothing, Continental style brocante sellers to retro mid-century modern decor, the market offers a superb mix of browse-worthy gear and grub. There were gorgeous pastries from At The Chapel over in Bruton, fantastic meat & game from a number of local suppliers, beautiful jewellery and artwork from many of the regions top talents… including the brilliant Anthony Oram. We also had a chance for a friendly catch-up with the ace team behind Decorator’s Notebook. So basically we didn’t once find ourselves unconsciously uttering the words “cheap tat” whilst strolling through the different shopping areas. Seriously, the quality of this market is truly top notch.


Obviously for us, one of the most standout aspects of this market was the dog-to-people ratio. It’s safe to say we’ve never attended a more dog-friendly street market with so many hounds of all shapes and sizes in attendance.


Over 200 stalls providing the best seasonal, regional food & drink means you aren’t going to go hungry and there are water bowls put out for the mutts at literally every second shopfront. Street food options are varied and you can go for anything from pulled pork BBQ to some of the best looking quiches this side of the English Channel.


With such a laid back atmosphere, Frome Independent Market has managed to cultivate a vibe that is refreshingly easy-going yet still manages to feel effortlessly stylish. Everything is designed to make you love being here.


The local bricks & mortar shops in Frome are of a notably high calibre too, providing a great backdrop to all the lovely market people selling their wares streetside. And the cafes dotted along Catherine Hill could be transplanted from any hip city neighbourhood you care to reference. Good coffee abounds. Or even proper Sicilian gelato! Not surprisingly cheese is very well represented given that the South West produces some of the country’s top award winners, with some gorgeous options from The Bath Soft Cheese Company amongst others.


HOUNDWORTHY will be featuring at one of the upcoming events and we’ll post about it on our Twitter and Instagram feeds once we’ve confirmed dates!


Frome Independent Market is easily reached via the M3/A303 or M4/M5. A train does serve the town on Sundays arriving at 10:26am and leaving at 3:37pm. Parking is free but can be a bit busy if you are arriving before noon and trying to find a spot right near the town centre… park up the hill and walk down. Oh and bring a HUGE shopping basket.



eroica cyclists and motts

Since 1997 the world’s most de rigeur road cyclists have descended upon a small village in Northern Italy for what many regard as the most handsome event of the year. A celebration of vintage road racing heritage and old school cycling aesthetic, this incredible event is called L’Eroica. Over three days 5000 riders come together to mix, mingle and then cycle through the beautiful Tuscan hills on vintage bicycles in full vintage riding attire.

eroica wide

This year marks the first time the event has been held outside of Italy and Britain’s glorious Peak District National Park played host to over 2000 enthusiastic participants. L’Eroica Britannia took place on June 20-22 at Bakewell Showground and HOUNDWORTHY was lucky enough to be exhibiting alongside some of the most storied brands in Britain. Premium leather saddle maker Brooks was in attendance, along with Holdsworth bikes, Continental & Schwalbe (tyres) and plenty of other cycling stalwarts. Hendrick’s Gin, the Pimms double-decker bus and Fentiman’s soft drinks helped keep the crowds hydrated while countless other well-curated vendors filled this gorgeously situated showground.


The event would encompass three days of festivities, culminating in a day of riding through the glorious Chatsworth Estate. Both the 55 mile and 100 mile routes wind through some of the most stunning scenery in the British Isles, starting and finishing back at Bakewell. For this event we were invited to exhibit alongside the lovely folks at newly launched magazine Ernest Journal – “a periodical of substance created for folk who love to build fires, embark on road trips, camp under a canopy of stars and run full pelt into the sea.” If you haven’t heard of it yet, you do really need to discover them. Buy it here.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon to beautiful clear skies and friendly faces and our fab vintage canvas marquee was already up, ready for us to dress. We use a modular stand system that was constructed from recycled wood and put together by our local wood recycling centre and for this show we tried a new arrangement using a lower overall height.


Because of the relatively large stand size we were able to bring more of our amazing dog beds and we also featured for the first time some beautiful illustration work by two artists we rate highly. Debbie Kendall is an Oxfordshire-based illustrator who hand prints her own canine-centric pieces from her home studio. Her charming dog tag prints feature over 20 of the Kennel Club’s most popular breeds and are very popular. Ros Shiers is another talented artist who draws lovely portraits of dogs, capturing their quirks and expressions perfectly; we had a selection of her greeting cards on display.

Now whomever had the stroke of genius to make the inaugural Eroica Britannia a dog friendly affair should be congratulated heartily for their foresight. Not only did it create a wonderfully relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, but it demonstrated precisely what we already know – dogs make life better. Our two maniacs spent the whole time entertaining folks in front of our tent area (which was the busiest in the show!) and on the relatively infrequent occasion they went off adventuring on their own, nobody once took us to task for our off-leash tearaways. In fact, i reckon they brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces. Congrats Eroica Britannia organisers, you guys nailed it on the festival dog policy.


Our unique selection of premium dog bandanas proved to be a hit with our awesome linen ranges flying off the hooks. We even had a few riders buy this style for their own use! Hounds of all shapes and sizes were fitted up and photographed for our Instagram feed and this in turn attracted even more dog people to our stand. At one point they were even queuing out front. Not bad!


We’ll be back. Make sure you clear the dates for Eroica Britannia 2015. It was a blast and is only gonna get bigger and better.





SMARTA interviews HOUNDWORTHY co-founders Morgan Cummins & Jo Holdaway to find out what drives the world’s most ambitious dog lifestyle company. This article originally appeared here.


Looking for luxury products for your four-legged companion that suits both your needs? Well this week, we’re featuring a business that deliver authentic goods for man’s best friend. But it’s not just about the product, HOUNDWORTHY do all in their power to ensure a tip-top service.

0-5 seconds: Sum your business up in a sentence

HOUNDWORTHY is a celebration of exceptional, worthwhile things for the canine-inclined, delivered via our online store www.houndworthy.com; we are the most authentic dog lifestyle company on the planet.

5-10 seconds: What’s the business model?

HOUNDWORTHY curates a world class collection of gear and apparel for discerning dog owners. We seek to encourage dog people to choose better goods for their hounds and make more informed, meaningful decisions about everything they share with their four-legged companions. HOUNDWORTHY is redefining the dog shopping experience and delivering products that simply make life with dogs better.

10-15 seconds: Who are your competitors?

The pet accessories industry is incredibly fragmented and there really isn’t any true champion for discerning dog owners. While a few luxury brand challengers exist, and serve the top end of the market, our approach is more 360. We believe dog people share universal truths, whether you’re aristocracy or a beach bum, urban hipster or suburban adventurer. No other dog lifestyle company is the real deal. We are.

15-20 seconds: What’s your USP?

Authentic superb quality dog products presented by real dog people, with our names and faces above the door, with no hard-sell bullshit and definitely no rubbish on sale to simply make a fast buck. We believe in what we do and stand behind everything we say, share, sell and think.

20-25 seconds: How have you funded it so far?

We launched our business on a wing and a prayer, from our own piggybanks, putting our own money behind something we whole-heartedly believe in. Now, 12 months in, we are exploring more expansive funding options and have been really pleased with the interest (globally) our business has attracted thus far.

25-30 seconds: What were you doing before?

Morgan was working as a freelance advertising creative for international branding agencies. Jo is a qualified graphic designer and art teacher, and was working as a freelance illustrator while also managing a small market research facility.

30-35 seconds: Where did the idea come from?

We had an epiphany moment while out walking our own dogs along the 2 miles of beach that’s on our doorstep; we looked around at the gorgeous landscape surrounding us here in Britain and realised hey, this was something that mattered. The beautiful English countryside represents something all dog owners would rather be doing… being outside, with their most loyal and loved companion, exploring, relaxing, just being happy and content and enjoying some freedom with a creature that loves you unconditionally.

35-40 seconds: What’s the smartest thing you’ve done so far?

Just going ahead and starting something we knew nothing about. Our business facilitates happiness… we make people very happy. Spend a few mins on any of our social media and you’ll soon see what we mean. And we work with the most socially enabling subject on the planet. Opening up and telling every person we meet about our business and our goal to build the world’s most meaningful and recognised dog brand is the smartest thing we’ve done so far – we’re getting a lot of love back.

40-45 seconds: What’s the stupidest?

Thinking we could do this alone. We’ve realised through doing that you need to pull the right people and resources towards your idea and yourselves in order for it to achieve greatness. Nowadays we’re embracing every chance to share our idea and our vision for our business, and connect with others who can help us realise it.

45-50 seconds: If your business was a biscuit, what would it be?

Gravy Bone, obviously. Except we’d probably re-work the recipe so it was the best damned thing your dog ever tasted.

50-55 seconds: Which idea are you a bit jealous of?

Not sure if jealousy is the right way to think about how we feel about the ideas that wow us. So few companies set out to change an industry, change the wider perception for something that applies to a lot of people in a lot of places… so for those that do it successfully, we have nothing but huge respect and admiration. So perhaps we have envy, not jealousy! Ha! The guys at Innocent did something great with their brand, proving that speaking with honesty and going against the grain when it comes to marketing “norms” can resonate with real people in their millions.

55-60 seconds: Where are you going to be in 12 months’ time?

Our business is poised for great things and opportunity quite literally bangs on our door with increasing regularity! The sky’s the limit. We genuinely feel that there is nothing that HOUNDWORTHY can’t do (and do better than anybody else). Look for more of our own signature range entering the market and interesting collaborations with companies who simply get why we exist and why life with dogs is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever know.

To find out more about HOUNDWORTHY, click here, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or keep an eye on their Instagram.



There are plenty of holiday lets out there which boast of being unique or quirky. But in our experience very few of these claims actually feel genuinely true. Certainly even fewer are canine compatible! The glorious getaway that is Spring Park however, is an exception. We’d even go so far as to say it’s in a league of its own.


Set in an incredibly rural part of Cornwall, 6 miles from Launceston and a mere stones throw from the Devon border, Spring Park is surprisingly easy to get to. Turn left off the A30, along a glorious road through rolling hills scattered with sheep and cows, turn left at the Springer Spaniel pub and Bob is pretty much your uncle. The location – on the edge of a tiny hamlet named Rezare – is surrounded by farmland, woodland and the meandering river Tamar. At night it is SO dark and SO quiet – a perfect retreat.


Spring Park is owned by Paddy and Kitty, a thirty-something couple with a passion for surfing, big shaggy beasts and free-wheeling finders of cool retro designy stuff. Available for hire are 4 vintage wagons and 2 barns. Please don’t let these terms conjure up images of something rudimentary, primitive or a bit draughty though because you could not be more wrong! Wood burning stove? Check. Fully equipped kitchen? Check. Spacious bathrooms with steaming hot showers? Check. It’s no wonder they’re listed with  Canopy & Stars, Alastair Sawday’s acclaimed directory to unique and special places to stay.


If you book one of the barns you’ll also be treated to toasty under-floor heating. People treats and dog treats await every patron on arrival and each accommodation option is beautifully presented with an eclectic mix of vintage furniture, quirky trinkets, books, artwork and blankets aplenty. The cosiness of each carriage or barn simply cannot be underestimated and you’ll feel at home right away – even though your own home is unlikely to look anything like it! You will also have use of your own private landscaped garden and a fire pit for toasting marshmallows under the stars. Yep, really!


So, what exactly are these motley crew of cabins on wheels? Well, Duke is a handsome 1940’s showman’s carriage set in a meadow, surrounded by high hedgerows for privacy and seclusion (Motley’s favourite!). Pip is a tiny 1930’s steam-roller ‘living van’ (who knew these things even existed) with a separate spacious living area while Maiden is a 1940’s railway Ale wagon. Hercules was built on a 1940’s showman’s trailer chassis and although the cabin is not of the same era, the workmanship and detail that has gone into creating such an individual space is phenomenal – 1940’s cinema seats and a beautiful hand painted kitchen. Set in it’s own little wooded area it really is something out of a fairytale. There are a couple of new additional ‘projects’ on the go too which will undoubtedly add their own unique charm and style to Spring Park over the coming months and years.


We’ve had the pleasure of visiting Spring Park in Summer, Winter and Spring. On each occasion the surrounding landscape changes and naturally the feel of the place changes. Long dark winter evenings make your petit home-from-home a wonderful warm retreat where twinkly lights lead you through pathways to your front door. If you’re headed there with your hound we’d recommend a good collar light for night-time pee performances. On a moon-free evening it really is pitch black! The Springtime flowers bring colour and life to Spring Park and the warmth of summer just makes for lazy days to lie on the grass and read a book or a great magazine. Your mutt however will be dragging you down to the river for a swim with a floating toy.


One of the most wonderful things about Spring Park is that you could stay there on numerous occasions in a different wagon or barn and have a different experience in each one. If there’s ever a reason to go back again and again this is it.


So for your next dog friendly holiday adventure put Spring Park on your radar. Your hounds will love ya for it.

Spring Park, Rezare, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9NX
tel: 07805 990302