Measuring Your Dog

Like humans, dogs vary in size and physique. Even within individual breeds, there are many variations in size. There are no standard sizes in the pet industry. Each manufacturer adheres to their own sizing range for their own products. These are guidelines only!

Neckwear and apparel is sized according to the actual measurements of the garment, so unless specified otherwise in the listing, be sure to allow a bit of extra space for comfort. If any of your measurements are toward the larger end of the size range, you may want to choose the next size up. Also for heavy coated dogs, a larger size may be required, especially in the cold seasons when their coat tends to be thicker. Please measure carefully before purchasing and email us if you have any questions about fit. All of our goods are measured in centimetres (cm). Unless otherwise noted, the measurements on all our dog coat listings refer to the back measurement.

The three basic measurements of a dog’s body are BACK, CHEST and NECK.


BACK measurement is the length of your dog’s back. Measure along the top of the spine from the high part of the back between the shoulders, where the neck joins the body, to the base of the tail where the tail joins the body.

CHEST measurement is taken all the way around the biggest part of your dog’s ribcage. Measure just behind the shoulders down and around just behind the front legs and back up to the starting point.

NECK measurement is taken at the place where your dog’s collar would naturally rest. You need to ensure you measure a complete circle around the animal’s neck. We recommend you do this at least twice to get an accurate measurement. Additionally, you can also use a soft tape measure to measure the inner circumference of your dog’s existing collar (when done up at the size he/she usually wears it at) but this should only be used as a secondary sizing measurement. Between these two methods you should be able to determine the correct measurement in centimetres.

DO NOT MEASURE THE LENGTH OF YOUR DOG’S OLD COLLAR to determine your dog’s neck size as this is not an accurate way to measure your dog’s actual neck circumference. Please do not measure your dog’s old collar by laying it out flat, as this will not provide an accurate measure of the size of the new collar required. If you do not understand our sizing system, please email us or call us before you place your order.

Our Size & Fit collar measurement ranges outlined on each product listing refer to the approximate minimum and maximum measurements that a specific collar size (XXS, XS, S, M… etc) will usually fit within. These measurements are provided as guidelines only. Due to the differences between fur types, breeds, and individual body mass index (body fat) some degree of variation can be expected between individual animals, even within the same breed, so measuring your animal is vitally important before you select a collar size. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements before you place an order for a personalised collar.

If your dog’s neck measurement is within 1-2cm of the minimum or maximum range for a collar size please message us and we’ll help you select the most appropriate size for your dog. We re-iterate, this is especially important if you are adding your dog’s name to the collar.

***VERY IMPORTANT: Once a collar has been personalised, the item is strictly non-refundable and not eligible for return or exchange (as stated in our Terms & Conditions). We will not accept a return for any reason on personalised goods. If choosing to personalise your collar or lead, we urge you to give us a call or email us before you place your order. Call 01934 415 277 or send a message to

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