First off, thanks for finding us. We really appreciate it when people spend some time on our site and the fact you’re reading this section means you must like what you’ve found! We are based in the lovely seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare, England, within a stone’s throw from the beach. HOUNDWORTHY isn’t really a typical dog accessories company. You’ll notice that we truly aren’t into the “hard sell” and we steadfastly refuse to put lame stuff in our shop. Instead, we offer our customers only top notch goods that we believe are worthy of consideration… quality items that are designed well, work well, and either have a great story behind them or are capable of helping you create your own great stories. HOUNDWORTHY filters out the worthwhile from the ‘so what’, bringing superbly designed canine gear to dog lovers worldwide. Our company is constantly evolving but we promise to stick to our guns in terms of quality control – if it isn’t worth your time, we simply won’t present it to you. It’s how we’d wanna shop. Enjoy!


HOUNDWORTHY was launched by Morgan Cummins & Jo Holdaway in 2013. We are both creative professionals with backgrounds in advertising & design. This company is very much an extension of our own hound-appreciating lifestyles. We created HOUNDWORTHY because we realised there was a serious lack of authenticity when it came to shopping for your dog, and nobody was talking about the things we care about. Finding worthwhile, meaningful goods for dogs was harder than it should be, and for people who would rather be out there enjoying life, instead of sitting inside, endlessly Googling to find a well-crafted collar or dog coat or whatever, well… we figured we could change things for the better. We hope you like what we’re doing. We LOVE what we’re doing!